About us

Pura Vida Dogme is an Action Research Project being carried out by two teachers (and fledgling researchers): Chris Ożóg and Ben Naismith.  Below are our mini bio’s and we would love to hear from any other TEFLers out there with comments, suggestions, or ideas.

Chris Ożóg is a Teacher Training Coordinator in San José, Costa Rica and tutors on the school’s training programmes, such as CELTA, TKT, IHCYL, and LAC as well as overseeing internal professional development, including observations and workshops. He has had an interest in Dogme ELT for some time and started to seriously investigate the approach for his DELTA module 2 experimental practice. As well as this, his semi-regular blog, ELT Reflections, is chiefly concerned with Dogme and its classroom implementation.  You can check out his blog at eltreflection.wordpress.com

Ben Naismith is originally from Victoria, Canada and has spent the last 10 years working as a music and English teacher in Toronto, Thailand and Costa Rica.  Currently Ben is dabbling at being a DoS while also working as a teacher trainer on CELTA and other training courses.  He completed his DELTA in 2009 and is starting his masters in Applied Linguistics at Aston University in October 2012.  His interest in Dogme ELT was fostered by the numerous fascinating blogs and publications online, and he is keen to contribute from this corner of the world.  Outside of ELT, Ben loves spending time with his wife and dogs, playing sax with his band, and taking on all challengers at chess or pool.  Ben also has a personal ELT blog at eltstew.wordpress.com

We are also greatly indebted to the Pi Plus school in San José, Costa Rica, which has graciously allowed us the use of their facilities based purely on their interest in the research topic.  And of course, none of this would be possible without our wonderful, motivated students who regularly donate their time and energies.


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